The Internet and Education

I found myself wondering this week how other parents use the Internet and other modern technologies to further their children’s education.  Any thoughts?

My kids really seem to understand the whole idea of research due to having access to the Internet.  For example, my son saw a movie last week that had been based loosely on Chinese folklore.  He found himself fascinated by some of the concepts in the movie, and now he’s spent a great deal of his free time this week investigating the truths and myths behind the movie’s inspiration.

I remember being younger and thinking, “Wow, I’d really love to know more about that.” But it would’ve taken a trip to the library and possibly weeks of waiting for books to arrive through inter-library loan, etc.  By then, the desire to know more about the topic would’ve passed on to something else.

I think it’s exciting to see my kids able to follow those “I wonder?” moments through to their conclusion with just a click or two of the computer’s mouse.


2 responses to “The Internet and Education

  1. I wouldn’t know about 85% of the resources we use for school if it weren’t for the internet. To me, networking with others, reading what others have used and why they’ve liked it, and purchasing them used or inexpensively online is a major enhancement to our school.

  2. I do not have children myself. I am qaulified chld care worker though. I have frequently babysat for children and bed time is always tuff. Each child has a different routine for bed and it is a good idea to find out what that is before the parents go out. I also agree that networking with other parents and carers is a great resource.

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