Send Your Kids Back to School for Less!

Copyright Kimberly Shavatt.  Used with permission from All rights reserved.

Does the thought of Back to School shopping send your wallet into hiding? 

Don’t worry, here are a couple things to consider before beginning your back to school excursion:

1) Stick to the List

Most school systems now give out a school supplies list well before the first day of school. Use this list and try not to add to it.

2) Shop the Sales

With your list in hand grab those sale papers and plan your attack. Look to see what stores have what on sale. If you know your little one will only use XYZ brand notebook because it has his favorite character look for which store sells it for less. Yes, you may have to visit more than one store to get the best deals. Just take into account gas mileage. Also, shop at the end of the season for the best deals.

3) Consider Second-Hand

Other places to consider when back to school clothes shopping are consignment, second-hand, and even eBay. You may be able to find high quality, even new items, for considerably less. Plus, reputable second hand-stores won’t even accept clothes that have stains, rips or tears in them. No one needs to know where you actually bought them from.

4) Determine Your Needs

A really important thing to consider is does your little one really NEED it. Does he really need that whole new wardrobe or will a couple pieces throughout the year work better. They will probably out grow them in no time anyway.  If it is a need make sure you get the best quality for your money. Gym shoes are a prime example of this. Do your child’s shoes get a hole in them just a few weeks after you bought them?

Just a few things to consider as you set out for back to school shopping. Remember stick to a list, shop the sales, consider second-hand, and determine if it’s a want or need.

–Kimberly Shavatt is a wife, stay-at-home mother of 3 and owner/editor of HelpingMomsAtHome which provides helpful hints, tips, articles and resources on family and home-based work issues. Anything a mom at home may need help with.

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