Bedtime Stories Develop Stronger Reading Skills

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Reading a bedtime story to your child at an early age can greatly motivate your children to learn how to read at an early age. Parents undoubtedly want the best for their children and the best way to get them started to is motivate them to learn how to read.

There are many things parents can do to help children succeed in school. One of the better ways is to read to your kids, whatever their ages, bedtime stories that will draw their interest and stimulate their imagination.

Some parents even begin reading aloud bedtime stories to their children during infancy until they fall asleep. Reading to your children contributes enormously to develop your baby’s attention span and receptive language skills.

Don’t stop, even if your child reaches reading age because hearing a good book read aloud (with all the correct pronunciations and enunciations) is a totally different and enlightening experience for children.

Another advantage of reading bedtime stories to your children is that it allows them to concentrate more on the descriptive passages and the action instead of struggling with understanding every single word. The parent can explain at once what a particular word or phrase means in simple language. It also gives children a wider exposure because they can hear stories beyond their current reading level, besides it also establishes a wonderful sharing experience between parent and child.

Encourage your child to read independently and use public libraries. Fiction and nonfiction stories open up new worlds of knowledge and experience. They also prepare your children for success in school and in adult life later on. Motivate them to participate in public library activities and programs like story hours, films, and summer reading clubs.

You can cultivate good study habits and self-discipline by setting aside a regular, daily reading time in a quiet and well-lit room.

Reading to your child is not simply to make him go to bed but to motivate and enhance his analytical and language skills. Don’t let it go to waste by allowing your children to watch TV all the time.

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