Looking at Art

 By Gladys Jimenez  (This article originally appeared in the Bright-Kids newsletter on July 23, 2001.)  Used with permission.  All rights reserved.  Visit Gladys online at:  http://happyscribbles.net/


For kids to have more fun when looking at artwork, ask them the following questions:

1) Pick one piece of artwork and study it carefully. Name of the Artist? What is the Title of the Artwork? What would you have  called this painting if you had done it?

2) Describe the objects or people that you see in the artwork? Do objects or people fill up the space? Is there a lot of space in between or around?

3) What type of shapes do you see? (Are they circles, oval, squares, rectangles or triangles?)

4) What type of lines do you see? (Are they wavy, straight, thin, thick, broken, jagged, vertical or horizontal lines?)

5) Name the colors that you see? Are they cool or warm colors? Are the colors bright, soft, dark or strong Colors?

6) What feelings or emotions do you think the artist’s was trying to get across? What kind of feelings do you feel when you look at this artwork?

7) What is the focal point (the area of the painting that stands out)? Why does it stand out? Is it bigger, brighter or more colorful?

8.) What is happening in the artwork? Does it remind you of other things? Does anything repeat itself?

9) Is this artwork about another culture? Is this a universal theme (understood by other cultures as well)?

10) What words would you use to describe this artwork? Did you learn anything from this artwork?

11) Do you like this work of art? Why or why not?

12) Do you feel you understand this artwork better now that you have answered these questions? Why?  Remember to have fun!  


Gladys Jimenez  is an artist and art docent.


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