Quick “Mini” Vacations

Recently, my family and I had a quick little two day trip down the central Oregon coast (we live in Washington state). Much to my suprise, I discovered that just two days away from the daily-ness of life/work at home was actually enough to fully recharge my batteries and make me feel ready to face life again.

So if money’s tight, don’t feel you need to necessarily forego a vacation or time away. Even a quick jaunt to the beach for the day can do wonders.

We try to plan regular mini-vacations into the regular fabric of our family’s life. Whether it’s a day-trip to the zoo, a drive to the park for an afternoon of kite-flying, or a weekend camping with the tent, just getting a little break in the routine and time away from home is definitely a benefit for this particular woman’s mental health.

~Debi, The Simple Mom


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